Transform Client Health
and Business Revenue

Customized Client Success

  • Personalized. Customized to each client’s unique needs, health metrics, preferences, predispositions and specific health goals
  • Data-Powered. Measures real-time data and lifestyle choices—including sleep, exercise and food quality metrics-collected 24/7 from wearable devices and other sources
  • Prevention-Focused. Combines tools and strategies to prioritize the prevention or improvement of chronic diseases
  • Expert-Led. Empowers you with insights to improve how you connect, engage and monitor each individual

Boost Wellness Impact

  • Significantly improve client health outcomes
  • Provide staff with an easy-to-implement program that motivates clients
  • Build lasting client relationships
  • Grow your business with value-added services
  • Build your brand as a forward-thinking innovator
  • White label the app to boost brand value

Service Providers Include:

  • Personal trainers and fitness consultants
  • Chronic care providers
  • Clinics and health systems
  • Therapists, including massage therapists
  • Spas and estheticians
  • Health clubs
  • Nutritionists
  • Executive wellness coaches

We are getting great traction with our clients. They are actually using the app to improve how they go through life.”

—Austin S., Atlanta, GA

5 Ways Our AI Rolls Back the Aging Process

  1. Measure meal nutrition with a photo
  2. Measure aging with a selfie (Coming Soon)
  3. Collect data from wearables
  4. Keep up with medical protocols
  5. Join like-minded members on social media

This is the best thing I have ever done. I feel so energized and Life360 makes it easy.”

—Suzanne B., Gainesville, FL

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