Essentials Program


The Essentials Program features our Longevity Super 7™ tests, most done in the comfort of home.

  • Discover the state of the user’s health now
  • Base actions on real data
  • Get peace-of-mind
  • All results stored in one secure place for easy access
  • Retesting available to validate improvements

  • Biological age and pace of aging
  • Telomere length, with DNA and genetic risk
  • Quality of gut microbiome and overall digestive health
  • Medical grade sleep test
  • Glucose level monitoring (non-diabetics)
  • In-depth blood analysis at nearby lab
  • Online fitness and stress assessments PLUS…
  • Consultation with a functional medicine physician
  • Personalized wellness report with in-depth test findings, including overall wellness score
  • App platform and AI technologies to guide and calculate your new age every day
  • Assistance from your Customer Success Manager

It’s overwhelming to keep up with what actually works so it was a relief to work with experts.

—Jackson P., Colorado Springs, CO

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