All the Tools You Need for Better Engagement.

Designed for mobile platforms, Life360 uses proven engagement techniques to help users adopt and monitor healthy behaviors from the time they wake up and move throughout the day, and all through the night as they sleep.

  • AI-based personalization of behaviors with recommendations
  • Meaningful real-time health data and insights for immediate use.
  • Easy integration with smart devices such as watches, fitness trackers, scales, etc.
  • Optional Super 7 Testing with our Essentials Program.
  • Streamlined dashboard with client/patient information
  • Easy digital interaction with each individual
  • Account onboarding and management
  • Physical metrics such as number of steps, heart rate, BMI, glucose monitoring and blood pressure
  • Food recognition technology that identifies and records nutritional information with photos
  • Mental health and mood journaling for coping with stress
  • User profile personalization to include age, height, weight, health goals and nutritional goals (macros)
  • Personalized dashboard with real time activity tracking, nutrition analysis, and health data
  • Health alerts about favorable or unfavorable lifestyle or health changes
  • Suggestions for adjusting habits and activities to hit personal targets
  • Personalized goal setting for weight, sleep, active minutes, calories, and macro/micro nutrients
  • Daily goal challenges tracking
  • Achievement sharing on social media
  • Progress and compliance tracking
  • Home and in-lab test yields results for more than 100+ biomarkers
  • Personalized wellness report provides test results with easy-to-understand explanation, including current “health age” with recommendations for next steps
  • The most advanced home sleep apnea testing kit
  • Results for any needed follow-up physician and sleep appliance care
  • User consents
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Encryption of personal data
  • Print and digital educational materials provided, from signage to brochures
  • App customization with your brand name and colors
  • Further customization available

Since I started using this program, I’ve lost 17 pounds
and gotten off my diabetes medicine.

—Nicky J., Austin, TX

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