Strengthen your patient & client services.

Are you in the business of helping people look or feel better? We work with practices and organizations across the United States and internationally who add the Life360 advanced anti-aging programs to their current services.

  • We do everything, from education to testing, coaching and billing.
  • It’s profitable. You set the retail price (average 25% to 33% margins).
  • It’s flexible. You participate as much or as little as desired.
  • Marketing materials provided. From signage to brochures, it’s ready to go
  • Enhanced value to create client engagement, retention and loyalty.

How does it work?

  1. You Introduce Life360 to patients/clients through
  2. You provide your affiliate code and direct them to Life360’s website, where they begin the process.
  3. We complete all billing, testing, physician/coaching visits, and support services.
  4. You participate as little or much as desired. We keep you informed.
  5. You receive your affiliate commission on a monthly basis.

Who is eligable?

  • Clinics and health systems
  • Therapists, including massage therapists.
  • Spas and estheticians
  • Gyms
  • And others, including white label opportunities

We are getting great traction with our clients.”